16 powerful money affirmations to attract your money and make you become a billionaire

How to attract your money and make you become a billionaire?

1. I am worthy of having more wealthy

2. Financial freedom is my birthday

3. Money comes to me easily and harmoniously

4. I am a powerful money magnet

5. My net worth is growing exponentially

6. I am grateful to be financially free

7. My life is full of prosperity and abundance

8. I am a thriving and wealthy person

9. My financial opportunities are lucrative and plentiful

10. Money is rooted in good and leads to peace

11. I am the master of my own money

12. My loved ones are happy to see me wealthy

13. Being wealthy feels amazing

14. Money leads to happiness for myself and those around me

15. There is plenty of money to go around me

16. It feels wonderful to have financial flexibility

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