Freelancer SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You may increase your organic traffic by carrying out rigorous Technical SEO and optimising your content by utilising a keyword strategy.

SEO goes beyond simply concentrating on the search engine keywords that your clients are using. In order to develop the ideal Sitemap, you must also optimise each piece of content and group all of your pages into Component content verticals. Our SEO experts carry out technical evaluations and create the ideal HTML framework for you.

To further optimise, we integrate your website with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Cloudflare, and SEM Rush. Every one of these solutions helps you provide content to users at lightning speed. Additionally, we double-check each link, page, and line of code to make sure the User is not having problems finding you on their mobile devices.

Your website will be boosted by wild creative minds. They are known as SEO specialists, but we call them magicians. The only thing left to do is to describe your needs. They will improve your presence in SERPs with their committed SEO strategy. Your conversion rate will increase thanks to our tactics, and your ROI will be higher. Because we consistently keep our commitments and practical promises, we are regarded as the top local SEO firm in your city.

The best local SEO services in your city are helping your business and will act as the ideal spark for your growth. Therefore, the only option available to you is if you want to improve your internet presence among competitors in your local speciality.

Website SEO

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SEO Services

Technical SEO

I/We perform a Full SEO Audit to thoroughly examine your website and ensure no development problems prevent you from reaching the top of Google and Safari.

The study of your domain, internal and external links, page performance, mobile usability, domain security, and other ranking criteria that affect your domain authority are all considered part of technical SEO.

For SEO, we use SEM Rush, SEO Minion, and Google Search Console.

On-Page SEO

I take my time to make sure the content is optimised for each of your pages.

I/We ensure that the SEO structure on all your pages is appropriate.

Your pages can rank highly and provide a positive user experience thanks to on-page SEO.

Assets Optimization and Caching (Image and code)

All of our material is optimised as part of our SEO efforts (images, videos, tests, headers, links, etc.)

In order to ensure that your most popular pages load quickly, we additionally set caching for them.

Page Schema Markup

Simply put, Schema Markup is an HTML markup that enables search engines to transmit material from your website to SERPs.

We develop Schema for  Your Business (Knowledge Panel)

A Local Business (for Google Maps) Kind of page (Contact, Homepage, Article, etc.)

Sitelinks (for quick access to your pages) images, videos, and other materials)

FAQ (for Featured Snippets) (for Featured Snippets)

Events and Specific Time Period Offers Markup


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