WordPress Theme Development Tutorial From Scratch

This tutorial will be interesting as we look at how to build a WordPress theme Development from scratch.  We’ll start with 0 files and 0 lines of code. The only way to comprehend how WordPress Themes operate is to dive in headfirst and complete every task on your own. You can make WordPress do everything for you without having any knowledge of the code that powers it, so it is tempting to avoid this. PHP, JavaScript, CSS, or even plain old HTML might be used for this. You will comprehend how everything goes together and be able to easily shape WordPress to your will by the time you have finished reading this step-by-step WordPress Theme guide.

There are many free and paid themes available that you can use or create theme files.

Steps to create a theme from scratch

Step 1: Create a directory/folder and give a name theme name like my-wordpress-theme

Inside your WordPress directory, Go to wp-contents and open the themes folder.

Enter the name of your custom theme.

Step 2: Create Style.css and Index.php files inside your Custom theme.

Inside our custom theme folder my-wordpress-theme we are going to create files index.php and style.css


In fact, WordPress reads the comments you provide to the style.css file. Here, you can provide details about the topic you are developing.

Theme Name: my-wordpess-theme
Author: ShahrukhKhan
Author URI: https://shahrukhkhan.info/
Version: 1.0


// php code
<h1>This is my first WordPress custom theme</h1>

Save these files.

Step 3 Activate your theme

After creating the theme login to your WordPress (yourserver/directory/wp-admin) and Go To Appearances in the Menu.

Click on the themes and the theme will be displayed. Click on the activate button on your theme.

It will be activated. Now open your website and you will see the message on the browser window

This is my first WordPress custom theme

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